Facts About websocket.org

The kaazing.com Echo Test serves as the defacto test bed for WebSocket-based applications and services.

websocket.org is run by Kaazing's industry leading enterprise grade, high performance WebSocket server.

Trusted by the World


Tier 1 banks, media & entertainment companies, Fortune 100 transportation companies, and many more trust the server that runs websocket.org.

High Performance

Designed for Speed

The WebSocket server powering websocket.org is capable of delivering a billion messages an hour, a multitude of messages Twitter delivers a day.

Highly Secure

Trusted by Tier-1 banks

The Kaazing WebSocket Gateway is popular among Fortune 500 financial services companies running sophisticated web-based and desktop trading dashboards.

Highly Scalable

Linear scalability. Period.

Clustering of WebSocket servers offers liner scalability, high availability, rolling upgrades, as well as support for geographically distributed topologies.

Enterprise Grade

Built by the industry's finest engineers

Developer productivity, lifecycle management, deployment to complex IT infrastructure, administration and management, 24x7 support, just to name a few.

Low Latency

Unparalleled acceleration technologies

In addition to low latency through patented fan-out technology, the delivery of messages is guaranteed, too. Over the public Web.

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