Tetris with Virtual Controller

Real-time cross-device gaming using WebSocket.


Application store games with multi-device features often struggle to make that process work reliably and efficiently. When playing collaborative games, many applications will leverage Bluetooth, or search the local wireless network. This is often filled with frustrating disconnects, latency, and ultimately failure.

What is worse is that so many application store games could benefit dramatically from collaborative play, yet do not offer such a feature.

At the same time, it is increasingly common for people to have two devices of varying resolution. Even the casual gamer will likely have a smartphone and desktop/laptop. Games using both screens could provide a noticeable differentiator - unlocking the potential of the second screen.

Why miss out on these fantastic opportunities to differentiate, when Kaazing Gateway can offer secure, reliable, real-time game play?

This example uses the classic game, Tetris, as a foundation, to show how to use a smartphone as a virtual controller to a game on a second screen. The same principles could be applied for collaborative game play. To learn more about the application check out the Tetris with Virtual Controller blog post.

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